Silver Crescent Raven Pentagram Pendant


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More than just an eerie menace from a poem, ravens can be symbolic of so much more. Dark, ominous, and almost magical, ravens are watchers, and with this Silver Crescent Raven Pentagram Pendant around your neck, one can watch over you with ease. In Gaelic myth, the battle goddess and phantom queen was thought to appear as a raven at times, flying over the battlefield, and in Norse myth, Odin had two ravens, which monitored the world and reported its events back to him. This pendant captures the mystic look of the bird, depicting it as an amalgam of Celtic knots with curled, swooping wings, while a pentagram wraps around the ravens body. Resting just over the ravens head is a Celtic crescent moon, to add a final touch of impressive detail to its design. It is crafted entirely in fine sterling silver, which only helps its impressive look with a gleaming, polished silver finish. It comes as a pendant only, and so can be combined with cords and chains of all sorts to create a truly attractive necklace. It could be Hugin or Munin, or even The Morrigan, depending on your view. Either way, though, you can bet that this Silver Crescent Raven Pentagram Pendant is quite the stunning piece, whether you are showing off some mysticism in your look or just showing off your love of lore or ravens.

Make this pendant into a necklace by wearing it with our Stainless Steel Box Chain (WH-WH-CN03002) or Stainless Steel Snake Chain (WH-CN03008). For a more rugged option, check out our 25-30 Inch Black Leather Lace (HW-701010) or Brown Leather Lace (HW-701011).

Key Features:

  • An Original Design by Sculptor Paul Borda
  • Inspired by the Mystic Presence of Ravens in Myth, Lore, and Legend
  • Depicts Celtic Raven, Caged by a Five Point Pentagram
  • Crafted Entirely from Polished .925 Solid Sterling Silver
  • Offered as a Pendant Only
  • A Stunning Personal Accent and a Fantastic Gift Idea


  • Height: 1 Inch
  • Width: 1 Inch


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