Sherlock Jacket

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No detective, no matter the era, is more famous than the cunning Sherlock Holmes. Become this clever Victorian sleuth by wearing the Sherlock Jacket. Made of a polyester twill, this grey coat comes in a single size. It has an Inverness cape style since it has a cape -like mantle hanging over a long sleeve jacket. The two sections connect to each other to form a single jacket. This jacket fastens in front, above the waist, with three black buttons. There are side slits at the hem. This fantasy jacket looks fantastic for Halloween events and costume parties.

Please note that only the jacket is included, no other items.

Key Features:

  • Comes in a single size
  • Inverness style
  • Fastens with three buttons
  • Side slits at the hem
  • Great for Halloween and costume parties


  • Made from polyester


Measurements coming soon.


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