Set of 5 Battle Standard Severian LARP Swords – Steel – 2nd Quality

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Battle Standard Severian LARP Sword - Steel - 2nd Quality × 5

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This is a set of 5 second quality items, they have slight visual defects but have nothing wrong with the construction or durability. With this bundle, you get 5 LARP weapons for the price of four!

For the best cutting power, it is always advised that a sword be swung with both hands. The Severian LARP Sword makes this possible, recreating the classic two-handed sword but giving it the modification of a shorter, sturdy blade. This LARP weapon is made from a specially designed latex-free, injection-molded foam with a fiberglass core. This core makes it both flexible and extremely durable without hampering its safety for use in LARPing, theater, staged events, and more. The hilt of this sword is extra-long, allowing ample space for both hands, and it is wrapped in leather for easy gripping. The sword features classic medieval elements, like a straight crossguard and a scent-stopper pommel, and its shorter blade makes it ideal for close-range combat. The Severian LARP Sword is a fantastic addition to any LARP armoury that is sure to aid you in the total use of your skills.

This LARP weapon is made without using latex but still benefits from periodic silicone treatments. As such, we recommend the use of our Maintenance Silicone for LARP weapons, as it will help prolong the life of the foam’s special coating.

Key Features:

  • Includes 5 second quality LARP swords
  • Safe for use in LARP events
  • Specialty foam lends extreme durability
  • Fiberglass core offers flexibility
  • Leather-wrapped handle allows for easy gripping
  • Latex-free design


  • Made from a specialty foam
  • Core made of fiberglass

Care Instructions:

  • Use Maintenance Silicone to ensure long weapon life and durability


  • Length: 40.2 Inches
  • Blade Width: 2 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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  1. davidliszeski (verified owner)

    My swords came in yesterday, and I am already impressed. They withstood the durability test, they feel nice to hold, and they look great. In case you were wondering; the durability test was me an my brother beating each other up with the swords, until one of us have up. We both lost by the way. Anyway, I am happy with my purchase, and I recommend these swords to anyone who is looking for a set of good live action roleplay swords.

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