Set of 12 Kunai Throwing Knives


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While training to become a ninja, you know that you must be skilled with a variety of weapons. You must wield the Set of 12 Kunai Throwing Knives. Made from stainless steel, this set includes twelve knives. Half are silver-colored while the other half are black. Each one has a spearpoint tip. The thin handles end in flat rings, like that of historical kunai blades. In addition, black cording wraps around the handle to create a better grip. Finally, the set comes with a nylon sheath. This throwing knife set is great for a variety of individuals, especially knife enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Includes twelve double-edge, spearpoint blades
  • Half are silver and half are black
  • Has wrapped handles that end in rings
  • Comes with a black sheath
  • Great for collectors and enthusiasts


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Sheath is nylon


  • Knife Length: 8.5 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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