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Are you protected from the sting of a scorpion? Such is the power of the scorpion and its venom that even the ancient Egyptians had a goddess for stinging, and with the Serket Single Stud Earring, you can wear her symbol as a stinger through your ear. Serket was this goddess’ name and she was one of the many gods of the early Egyptian pantheon. Her symbol was the scorpion, and it was she who caused scorpions to sting the unrighteous, as well as she who offered relief to those who were unjustly stung. This impressive ear stud takes the shape of her symbol and her creature, being a small scorpion whose stinger you can pass through your ear, allowing you to wear it as an earring. The scorpion features an impressive level of detail, from its eight legs to its fully formed pincers, down even to the lethal looking stinger. It is crafted from solid pewter and rendered in darker hues, giving it a sinister gleam that fits the look of a natural scorpion’s carapace. The earring is sold as a single ear stud and is designed to be worn using the curled stinger-tail as the stud. Perhaps you find the scorpion to be fascinating, or perhaps you have an interest in ancient Egyptian mythology, or maybe you just like the look of it. For whatever reason you wear it, though, you can bet that the Serket Single Stud Earring is sure to be an impressive thing that will catch and hold the eye of all who get a glimpse of it.

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Key Features:

  • Made from Quality English Pewter
  • Features a Rich Gothic Style
  • Shaped After a Traditional Scorpion
  • Possesses a Realistic and Dark Hued Look
  • Sold as a Single Ear Stud
  • Great for Formal or Casual Wear
  • A Fantastic Personal Accent or Gift Idea


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