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Answer the call to battle with the Scout Chainmail armour. This medieval chainmail shirt makes the perfect addition to soldier and knight costumes. The front opening and straps make it easy to don when the battlefield beckons.

Firstly, each chainmail ring is made of 19 gauge mild steel with a 1 millimeter inner diameter. This thus creates a tight weave. The rings are woven in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern.

Together, these rings form a long, sleeveless chainmail vest. The medieval chainmail armour hits near the knees on most wearers and has a round neckline. Hand-stitched leather trim reinforces this neckline and the edges of the armholes.

Then, the chainmail hauberk is completely split in the front and has six buckled leather straps to adjust the fit and secure it to the wearer. Because it is split in the front, you can easily take this chainmail on and off. Layer it over your favorite gambeson. The buckled straps secure it to the chest and leather trim reinforces the edges of the armour that fasten together with the straps. Then, after the waist, the chainmail vest is left open for better mobility.

The sleeveless design makes this medieval armour great for layering, as it leaves the arms free for wearing bracers and most other types of arm armour. Make it the base for your next medieval knight costume.

Key Features:

  • Round rings are butted together
  • Leather trim adds detail
  • Easy on-and-off with front buckled straps
  • Perfect for medieval LARP and light reenactment
  • Great for knights, soldiers, and more


  • Made of 19 gauge mild steel with leather trim

Care Instructions:

Chest CircumferenceWaist CircumferenceHip CircumferenceBottom CircumferenceOverall LengthNeck CircumferenceSleeve LengthSleeve WidthWeight
Small39.4 inches39.4 inches39.4 inches39.4 inches39.4 inches23.6 inches10.2 inches9.4 inches15.4 pounds
Medium44.9 inches44.9 inches44.9 inches44.9 inches39.4 inches23.6 inches10.2 inches9.4 inches22 pounds
Large55.1 inches55.1 inches55.1 inches55.1 inches44.5 inches23.6 inches10.2 inches9.4 inches24.25 pounds
X-Large59.1 inches59.1 inches59.1 inches59.1 inches45.3 inches23.6 inches10.2 inches9.4 inches26.5 pounds
XX-Large70.9 inches70.9 inches70.9 inches70.9 inches47.2 inches27.6 inches11 inches9.8 inches30.9 pounds
XXX-Large78.7 inches78.7 inches78.7 inches78.7 inches49.6 inches33.1 inches11 inches10.2 inches35.3 pounds


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