Scottish Great Sword with Plaque


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Inspired by the weapons of medieval warriors, the Scottish Great Sword with Plaque features a stainless steel blade in a historic form. This decorative sword comes with a wooden wall plaque for easily displaying medieval style. The straight crossguard of the sword features rounded quillions, their ends matching the rounded pommel. The pommel has a flat top with a small knob. Between the pommel and the guard, brown faux leather texture provides comfort to the grip. An austere weapon based on those seen at the sides of medieval warriors, this decorative weapon adds a sense of history wherever it is placed. The included wall plaque makes it easy to showcase the craftsmanship and style of this decorative steel weapon, making it a great gift, collectible, or home decor piece.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel sword comes with plaque for display
  • Sword features straight crossguard with rounded quillions
  • Sword handle features brown faux leather for comfortable grip
  • Round pommel matches ends of quillions
  • Great gift or collectible for medieval history fans
  • Easy to display medieval home decor piece


  • Blade made stainless steel
  • Display plaque made of wood


  • Overall Length: 40 Inches


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