Saxon Replica Coin Pack


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This wallet type Saxon coin pack contains a reproduction Penny of Aethelred II and a Penny of Harold II, both made from lead-free pewter. On the inside cover there is information about Aethelred II and Harold II.

During the times of Aethelred II (The Unready), frequent Viking raids took place, extracting the Danegold from the Anglo-Saxons. In one instance a Danish fleet was bought off with 3,840,00 silver pennies. King Edward the Confessor died in 1066 and Harold took the throne to become the last Anglo-Saxon king. Harold led his army against the Normans and failed to defeat their superior tactics and organization. He was killed at the Battle of Hastings.

Key Features:

  • Replica Historical Coin
  • Great for Kids, Collectors, Gamers, and History Groups
  • Made From Pewter
  • Cast From Originals


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