Samurai Archer Statue


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During the time of feudal Japan, there were few things the legendary samurai warriors could not do. They were skilled swordsmen, expert martial artists, and even extremely capable marksmen, as displayed by the Samurai Archer Statue. This bronze sculpture depicts a samurai on horseback in the middle of battle, with an arrow nocked and his bow drawn. His armor carries tints of blue and orange, and his horse is reared up, jumping over a broken flag and other battlefield rubble. The Samurai Archer Statue makes a fantastic piece of home decor for any lover of Japanese history, especially those with an interest in the art of war.

Key Features:

  • Features a beautiful polished bronze finish
  • Hand-painted with colorful accents
  • Stunningly crafted in realistic detail
  • Looks great on a shelf or pedestal


  • Crafted from cold cast bronze


  • Height: 8.25 Inches


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