Rose The Fairy Queen Figure

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The Rose the Fairy Queen Figure is a regal thing, and it shows in every ounce of its look. As its name implies, this is no fairy princess but instead, a fairy queen, one that rules by good example as she presides over her numerous fairy subjects. Befitting her status as a queen, this fairy figure wears a regal dress that looks like it might have come directly out of a fairytale. Pastel purples and pinks come together with pristine whites to create a dress worthy of royalty, and the look is further completed by the figures impressive crown and star tipped scepter. The fairy queens wings match her dress, making this a truly impressive little decoration or toy. It is crafted and sculpted from high quality plastic that is one hundred percent phthalate and lead free, and it has been hand painted to give it a coloration and a level of detail that is truly impressive to behold. It stands approximately 4.5 inches high and measures 2.75 inches long. Included with the fairy figure is an informational hangtag that gives some background on this fairy queen. No fairytale or childrens story is complete without a fairy queen or a fairy godmother, and this Rose the Fairy Queen Figure is the perfect way to introduce that into your childs own games, giving them yet another element to play with in their own private world of games, fantasy, and fairies.

Key Features:

  • Quality Sculpted and Hand Painted
  • Plastic Figure is 100% Phthalate and Lead Free
  • Modeled After a Colorful Fantasy Fairy Design
  • Includes a Fantasy Description
  • A Great Toy, Gift, or Collectible for All Ages


  • Height: 4.5 Inches
  • Length: 2.75 Inches


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