Rooftop Gargoyle Pen Holder

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Gargoyles are usually some of the best guardians that you can ask for. After all, they were practically made for the job! This Rooftop Gargoyle Pen Holder allows you to have a gargoyle on your desk, to guard you, your work, and your pens, too. This desk accent is made from cold cast resin, and it depicts not only a gargoyle, but also the rooftop of a classic tower, as well, ensuring that your gargoyle feels right at home no matter where you place him! The figurine depicts a square tower top with a pyramidal cap, accented with cracked brick stonework and a central skull motif just under the eve. Perched on one side of the rooftop is a feral gargoyle, whose devilishly pointed tail wraps through the stone and out the front, while the rest of its powerful form clutches to the rooftop. Its maw is opened in a roar as well, to help ward off any thieves or bad spirits that might approach. On the other side of the rooftop is a small hole, which is perfect for storing a writing utensil or pen of your choice. Pen is not included. It features a hand-painted finish, which lends the desk accessory a dark-stone carved look, just like the actual gargoyles of antiquity would have featured. Just because you are at your desk does not mean that you should abandon all sense of personal style and taste. Add this Rooftop Gargoyle Pen Holder to customize your work space a little, as well as to add something gothic and great to your daily work routine!

Key Features:

  • Made from Fine Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand-painted To Resemble Dark, Carved Stone
  • Features a Rooftop Spire with a Gargoyle Guardian
  • Holds One Pen for Easy Accessibility
  • Possesses an Extreme Level of Detail
  • A Gothic Piece for Gifting, Collecting, and Displaying


  • Height: 5 Inches


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