Roman Thimble


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Thimbles have long existed as a sewing accessory, used even during the time of the Roman Empire. Now you, too, can protect your fingers while wielding a needle with the help of this authentically designed Roman Thimble. This collectible thimble comes in a clear box with an informational card that explains the origins of thimbles and how they were made. This historical thimble is a reproduction of an actual Roman artifact. The original thimble was cast in bronze and featured pronounced marks that were punched into the thimble after being cast. This thimble replica displays a bronze finish, ensuring a realistic look. You can learn to sew just like the Romans did when you use this thimble. It also makes a fantastic gift for fellow craftsman!

Key Features:

  • Displays thimble replica
  • Works great as a sewing tool
  • Comes with an informational card
  • Makes a great gift or collectible


  • Made of pewter


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