Roman Square Pilum


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The two typical weapons a Roman soldier would have been armed with were, more often than not, the gladius and the pilum. The type of pilum, or javelin, could vary from soldier to soldier, though, and some favored a typical Square Pilum like this one. A historical pilum consisted of a wooden pole or shaft affixed to an iron shank, and this Roman javelin is no different, at least in terms of shape. The weapon consists of a hardwood shaft mounted with a pointed butt-spike as well as a square-shaped socket designed for mounting a lethal-looking shank. Affixed into the javelins haft at the socket is a long carbon steel spike that ends with a barbed, pyramidal tip that was designed to promote penetration, while also disabling whatever it lodged itself in. This pilum is modeled after the typical Roman pilum, thus striking a middle ground between range, weight, and penetrative power. Authentic in look and feel, this Square Pilum would look great carried in the hands of a Roman re-enactor fully dressed in Roman armor, and it would look just as great carefully displayed in a collectors decor of antique Roman arms and armor.

Key Features:

  • Fully Functional
  • An Ancient Roman Javelin
  • Steel Pars are Blackened for Authenticity
  • Features a Tall, Thin Penetrative Tip
  • Possesses a Hardwood Pole for Carrying and Throwing
  • Looks Great with Roman Soldier Costumes and Ensembles


  • Made from carbon steel


  • Overall Length: 83.25 Inches
  • Steel Tip Length: 24.75
  • Weight: 3 pounds 13 Ounces


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