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It might not have been their preferred armament of choice, but the Romans did utilize spears from time to time when the situation called for it. This Roman Spear is constructed like a pilum, although its weight and balance are completely different. Like a pilum (or javelin), this spear is constructed using a hardwood shaft that features a pointed butt-spike. And like a weighted pilum, just above the grip, this spear features a heavy ball that increases the weight and force of the spears thrust. Unlike a pilum, though, this spear features a permanently affixed narrow metal shaft that extends out and then swiftly widens to form a small spear-blade, before tapering to a sharp, piercing point. The advantages of this spear are numerous, including a weight fit for melee and throwing, as well as being easy for Roman weaponsmiths to make and repair. This spear features a pole that measures 51 inches long, as well as a spear head that measures 40 inches long. They may be a common weapon of the Roman legionary, but this Roman Spear was just as deadly and just as efficient as any of the other Roman soldiers typical weapons, making this a great choice for any re-enactor to carry, as well as a fantastic piece for a collector or an enthusiast to add to their decor.

Key Features:

  • Patterned After the Spears of Ancient Rome
  • Similar in Construction to a Roman Javelin (Pilum)
  • Features a Small Leaf-Bladed Spear Tip
  • Also Features a Pointed Butt-Spike
  • Looks Great with Roman Legionary and Soldier Costumes
  • A Fantastic Decorative Piece or Display Item


  • Pole Length: 51 Inches
  • Head Length: 40 Inches


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