Roman Mainz Gladius Sword


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The gladius was the favored weapon of the Roman legion, and in trained hands, this short blade became one of the most effective in history. The Roman Mainz Gladius Sword is so-named because it is a lethal and deadly looking leaf-styled Mainz blade. A typical gladius was regarded as a short sword, and this weapon is no different, featuring an overall length of approximately 29 inches (with scabbard). The shorter length facilitated close-quarters combat, allowing a Roman legionary to quickly draw, stab, slash, and defend in smooth, easy motions. This gladius is more ornate then is typical of a common soldiers weapon, featuring a carved wood and polished bone handle that is reminiscent of polished faux ivory. The oval-shaped pommel and matching guard are made from hand-carved wood with subtle decorative designs, while containing the ribbed bone handle. The blade is made from carbon steel and features unsharpened edges, as well as a distinctive wasp-waisted shape that ensures the blades effectiveness in both cutting and thrusting. Included with this gladius is an ornate wood scabbard with leather wrapping, as well as embossed and highly decorative brass plates adorning the front. The scabbard also features two pair of carrying rings, which allows the gladius to be worn in true Roman fashion (with the blade straight up and down at the hip). Beautifully designed, it is not hard to imagine this Roman Mainz Gladius Sword in the hands of a great general or perhaps even an emperor at a reenactment.

Key Features:

  • Fully Functional
  • An Ornate, Yet Classically Styled Mainz Gladius
  • Features a Wasp-Waisted Blade with a Tapered Tip
  • Handle is Made from Hand Carved Wood and Polished Bone
  • Includes a Handsome and Ornate Sheath with Brass Adornments
  • Looks Great with Authentic Roman Ensembles and Armors


  • Overall Length: 29 Inches


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