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The Roman war machine was as respected as it was feared, both for its strength and for its arms and armor. And in this Roman Costume Chest Plate and Cape, you will look just like a great Roman general, ready to lead those fearsome troops into battle. This impressive chest plate is a fantastic piece of costume armor that is made entirely from bronze-toned plastic, giving it an early Roman look and feel. The chest piece has been molded to feature elegant vine and leaf patterns across its surface, while the shoulders feature attached an attached black collar that connects the chest piece to a short black fabric cape. Please note that this is costume armor and is designed for appearances only. You do not have be a Roman to enjoy this armor, though. No, this Roman Costume Chest Plate and Cape looks great with a wide variety of different warrior looks, ranging from Roman generals and Greek warlords, all the way down to later warriors like knights and crusaders.

Key Features:

  • A Great Piece of Costume Armor
  • Features a Patterned Vine and Leaf Design in a Bronzed Color
  • Includes an Attached Black Cape for a Dramatic Silhouette
  • A Great Addition to A Wide Variety of Historic and Impressive Warrior Costumes
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Costume Events, Stage Productions and More


  • Chest Plate Crafted from High-Quality Plastic
  • Cape Made from 100 percent Vinyl Material


  • Chest Piece is Sized to Fit Most Adults


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