Rogue Heels

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These Rogue Heels truly live up to their name, being a bit mischievous as well as dark, yet all the while featuring a fashionable look that works wonders for a variety of outfits, ranging from formal ensembles to Steampunk styles and more! You might actually say that these rogue shoes are something of a jack of all trades, fitting easily into any style you can imagine. A skeletal style heel, patterned after the human spine, gives the heel a truly impressive look. The heels are also open toed and feature a double platform that is decorated with an array of spiked rivets. The heel is also full bodied, covering most of the foot when worn, while also featuring an adjustable upper strap that is secured with silver flame styled buckle, as well as a removable middle strap. Together with a back zipper, these heels are not only easy to wear but also incredibly comfortable, as well. Sleek, sultry, and subdued, these Rogue Heels are not quite your usual steampunk styled footwear, but that is not truly a bad thing. They certainly stand out in their own way, making them a solid choice for any lady to wear for any occasion she can imagine.

Key Features:

  • Made from Quality Materials
  • An Open Toed Platform Steampunk Heel
  • Features a Spine Shaped Skeletal Heel
  • Platform is Adorned with Spike Studs
  • Has an Adjustable Upper Strap, A Removable Middle Strap, and a Back Zipper
  • Great for Formal Events, Everyday Wear and Costume Use


  • Standard US Womens shoe sizes. Runs true to size. They are not available in Wide or Narrow, just Standard.


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