Roffe Ivory Victorian Overbust Corset


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Even adventurous Victorian ladies can show off their elegance with lace. The Roffe Ivory Victorian Overbust Corset does just that, with its ruffled floral lace trim and hourglass-shaping steel bone structure.

Made of ivory brocade, the exterior of this overbust corset has an intricate filigree pattern that is quite subtle, adding just the right amount of detail. This corset top extends down to cover the top of the hips, further creating a more dramatic hourglass shape.

Lines of ruffled floral lace decorate the square neckline, run down the center of the front, and accent the hips. A decorative ribbon crisscrosses on the front of the corset. Then, its wide shoulder straps look elegant worn both on or off the shoulders. Ruffles of floral lace trim their edges.

This ivory brocade corset will help you achieve an hourglass silhouette. Inside are 10 spiral steel bones dispersed throughout the corset. Then, 2 flat steel bones at the back provide a better grip while lacing. All steel bones have a cotton casing for comfort. A waist tape inside also helps reinforce the waistline and durability of the corset, while six suspender loops allow for further accessorizing.

This brocade Victorian corset laces up the back with matching ivory ribbon over an attached modesty panel. The inside is lined with 100% cotton for extra comfort, and there are also six suspender loops inside for further accessorizing.

Whether dressing as a fairytale princess, gunslinging steampunk adventurer, or Victorian lady, this lacy overbust corset makes the perfect top. Pair it with a steampunk skirt and be ready for your next costume ball, convention, Renaissance faire, or other fun costuming event.

Key Features:

  • Features elegant and subtle filigree pattern
  • Laces up the back
  • Creates hourglass silhouette
  • Lace trim adds feminine detail
  • Great for Victorian, Renaissance, and fantasy costumes


  • Made of brocade with a 100 percent cotton twill inner lining
  • Bones are made of steel

Care Instructions:

  • Dry clean recommended
Recommended for heights 5ft. 3in. to 5ft. 10in.
US SizeCenter Front LengthBack LengthSide LengthModesty Panel
Small2-415 inches14 inches13.75 inches8 inches
Medium4-615 inches14 inches13.75 inches8 inches
Large6-815 inches14 inches13.75 inches8 inches
X-Large8-1015 inches14 inches13.75 inches8 inches
XX-Large10-1215 inches14 inches13.75 inches8 inches
XXX-Large12-1415 inches14 inches13.75 inches8 inches
XXXX-Large14-1615 inches14 inches13.75 inches8 inches


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