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Ring of Cast Dungeon Keys


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A handful of authentic keys are just what any prison keeper or jailer needs to make the image of a working dungeon look complete. This Ring of Cast Dungeon Keys is just that, possessing distinctive bits that are based on the medieval warded lock design. This set consists of a cast-metal carrying ring that holds five different keys. Some are short and small, while others are long, and all of the keys feature different bit designs that help add a sense of realism to their designs. And with their worn, cast iron finish, these keys also look somewhat aged, giving them a historical touch and appeal, too! The carrying ring allows the keys to be easily worn at the belt, which is handy for any jailers or treasurers who never want to be far from their keys, while the historic look of this Ring of Cast Dungeon Keys makes it a stellar accent to have hanging on your wall or set in a display case, too.

Key Features:

  • Based on the Warded Lock Pattern
  • Includes a Ring and Five Different Keys
  • Features Different Sizes, and Different Bits
  • Made from Cast-Metal, with a Forged Iron Finish
  • Has an Authentic and Realistic Look
  • Great as a Display, Collectible, and Costume Prop


  • Key Length: Ranges from 2.75 Inches to 5.75 Inches
  • Ring Diameter: 3.25 Inches


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