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Right Handed Rapier Carrier

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A two-piece design means that no matter who wears the Leather Rapier Carrier, it still hangs at the proper angle. Rapier scabbards can easily fit through the leather loops on the carrier, situated at the best angle for quick access. Hand crafted from the finest quality leather, this rapier carrier comes in black with nickel plated steel hardware. It is available in right hand draw, which means the carrier will be on your left hip. The fit is also adjustable for just about any waist size!

Key Features:

  • Adjusts to different sized scabbards
  • Waist is adjustable via buckle
  • Hangs at a great angle for quick draw
  • Elegant design suits Renaissance and pirate styles


  • Made of high quality black leather
  • Steel hardware is plated with nickel


  • Holder Circumference: N/A Inches
  • Weight: 1 lbs.


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