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The Ready For Battle Helmet in Epic Dark gives your LARP, costuming, and light reenactment outfits a no nonsense kind of protection. Whether you are new to the battlefield or looking for a straightforward way to defend your head, this mild steel medieval helmet makes a great choice.

Historical Inspiration:

With 12th century origins, this medieval armour piece is great for Crusaders, soldiers and other scrappy fighters. It takes its inspiration from a historical cervelliere helmet style. This style is very versatile, meaning it will match well with just about any kind of medieval or fantasy warrior. It can also make a great knight helmet! Choose from medium and large size options.

Armour Construction:

The 19 gauge mild steel construction has an Epic Dark finish. This black finish makes it less obtrusive than shining steel and suits mercenaries and other rugged warriors. It can even add a bit of a villainous vibe to your costume.

Rounded but with a central ridge at the center, this medieval steel helmet comes to a subtle point at the top. It leaves the face and neck uncovered, which helps with visibility and mobility in battle.

A band of brown leather around the inner and outer bottom edge is padded on the inside for a more secure, comfortable fit. This darkened steel soldiers helmet does not have any further padding inside, though, so you may add an arming cap for additional comfort.

The adjustable black nylon chin strap helps secure its fit and makes it an easy, trusty option for your next LARP or light reenactment battle. From commoners and militia arming up against invaders to experienced Crusaders about to engage in war, this Ready for Battle Helmet is a versatile option for just about any armour outfit.

Key Features:

  • Features a darkened finish
  • Available in Medium or Large
  • Padded leather brim adds comfort
  • Great for LARP, light reenactment, and more
  • Suits knights, soldiers, militia, and Crusaders


  • Made of 19 gauge mild steel
  • Padded band made of leather
  • Chin strap made of nylon

Care Instructions:

Head CircumferenceOverall HeightDepthWidthWeight
Medium23.6 inches6.3 inches9.1 inches7.5 inches1.76 pounds


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