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A noble must keep their jewels safe from thieves, and why should they not have something equally elegant in which to store said jewels? The Purple Velvet Pouch is sure to give your coins and trinkets the royal treatment. This cotton coin purse, designed to resemble violet velvet in both look and texture, is regal enough for true royalty and is sure to keep your items safe from scuffing. It even features a drawstring closure that can be tied off around the neck of the pouch to prevent the spilling of treasures. The Purple Velvet Pouch makes a fantastic functional accessory that pairs well with a number of noble outfits, and it is also great for gaming tokens and dice.

Key Features:

  • Soft material keeps items safe from scuffs
  • Features a drawstring closure
  • Looks great as a costume piece for Ren fairs or LARPs
  • Perfect for gaming tokens and dice


  • Made from 100% cotton velvet
One Size6 inches4.3 inches


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