Punisher Emblem Magnet

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A vengeful skull glares against a dark landscape. It marks the chest of a ruthless vigilante with an eternal grudge. He metes out retribution for the defenseless. Display favor for this antihero with the Punisher Emblem Magnet. This fierce magnet features the grim insignia of the most brutal mercenary in the Marvel comic multiverse. A man skilled enough to take down an entire mafia and countless supervillains, the Punisher emblem is the final image for countless wicked souls. Let this magnet deal out its dark justice to decoratively challenged metal surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Decorative magnet that combines style and function
  • Die cut design for vehicle and other metallic surfaces
  • Features the classic skull emblem of the vengeful vigilante
  • A darkly stylish gift for any fan of the Punisher


  • Diameter: 4 Inches


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