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The Praetorians of Ancient Rome needed armor that would not only protect them in battle but would also allow them to be mobile. These Praetorian Leather Greaves recreate the armor of antiquity in supple and attractive modern leather. The armor has a distinctive Roman style that is only enhanced by its rich brown color, as well as the antique brass rivets, their pattern, and the central brass adornment. The greaves are made primarily from 9-10 oz. vegetable leather to offer solid protection and a stunning look. They are worn via leather straps and buckles about the back that serve to make the greaves highly adjustable. For protection worthy of the greatest of the ancient warriors, you need only strap on these Praetorian Leather Greaves before you head into battle.

Key Features:

  • Hand crafted entirely from vegetable leather
  • Hand dyed in a rich brown and black coloration
  • Constructed with 9-10 oz. thick leather and soft 4-5 oz. leather
  • Decorated with antiqued brass rivets
  • Adorned with a central brass Roman phalerae accent
  • Worn via leather straps and buckles
  • Has a highly adjustable fit
  • Well-suited for use in LARP events, Renaissance fairs, stage productions, and more
  • Perfect for completing Roman looks and protecting you in battle


  • One Size Fits Most. Adjustable with straps and buckles


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