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A flail can be a frightening weapon, especially when it happens to be a spiked skull that comes hurtling through the air at you! This Plastic Skull Headed Flail recreates the medieval weapon with a touch of gothic flare for just about anyone to enjoy! This prop weapon is crafted entirely in plastic, with the flail head being made from a softer, cushioned fabric to ensure that if it does strike (either by accident or design), it offers a much safer impact than the real deal. The grip is rugged in its chaotic construction, and attached at the head are plastic chain links that connect to a sinister skull that is studded with black spikes. Free movement makes this prop flail heft and swing like the real deal, while the safer style of construction makes this Plastic Skull Headed Flail a must-have piece of equipment for any dark warrior or sinister villain to arm themselves with.

Key Features:

  • A Quality Costume Weapon and Prop
  • Plastic Link Chain Offers Freedom of Movement
  • Stylized Skull Head Offers Spiked Design and Reduced Impact
  • Light and Easy to Carry
  • Also a Great Costume Accessory


  • Made from plastic


  • Handle Length: 12 Inches
  • Overall Length: 24 Inches


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