Pixie Hooded Shoulder Cape



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Full-length capes can be a headache to move around in, especially if you are going to be turning a lot. After all, who wants to get tangled up in their own cape? This Pixie Hooded Shoulder Cape is a solid stand-in for the usual cape. This shoulder cape is worn over the shoulders, and it wraps around the upper core, providing an extra bit of layering, while the deep, liripipe hood is perfect for hiding your identity and staying warm in cool or cold weather. The added benefit is that this shoulder cape adds a touch of distinction to any ladies attire. The cape is made entirely from wool fabric, which makes it heavy and warm to wear, while also coming in black, to suit your mysterious or potentially magical looks. For the lady looking to add grace, layering, a bit of warmth, and maybe even a bit of mystery to her look, nothing can quite beat the appeal of an accent like this Pixie Hooded Shoulder Cape.

Key Features:

  • A Hooded Cowl Made from Heavy Wool Fabric
  • Features a Deep Hood and Draped Shoulder Coverings
  • Does Not Hinder or Hamper Movement
  • Extremely Comfortable and Warm to Wear
  • Great for Renaissance Fairs and Costumes of All Styles


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