Pieces of Eight Replica Coin


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The Pieces of Eight Replica Coin is based on actual Spanish money that was capable of being broken into eight bits, each one worth one eighth of the original coin. Pay for what you need on the seven seas with this replica coin! The two pieces of this replica coin are made from spun cast pewter in the shape of a four bit piece of eight and a two bit piece of eight. The face of the coin has been stamped with historical imagery. This museum quality replica coin is set onto a card that features historical information about the coin on its back. The perfect addition to any collection, this realistic replica makes a great gift for pirate enthusiasts, history fans, and coin lovers alike!

Key Features:

  • A two-piece coin set
  • Based on historical Spanish coinage
  • Stamped for an authentic look and feel
  • Comes with historical information card
  • Ideal for history buffs and pirate enthusiasts
  • Made in the USA


  • Made from pewter


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