Phoenix LARP Sabre

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Like a phoenix rises from its ashes, you shall rise above your adversaries whenever you take this Phoenix Saber in hand. And like an inferno, you shall purge the field of foes, smiting all with your skillful use of this impressive broadsword. This beautiful piece of battle hardware has all the look and feel of a superior piece of tech, almost like a broadsword from an advanced warrior race (or perhaps from the future). It has an ornate, technological look that is unlike anything else, giving it a distinctive look that makes this a truly unique warriors weapon. The blade is similar to an oriental broadsword, down even to the ornate engravings that run along the blades lower length, while the hilt is a complex combination of features that create a solid grip and a long hand-guard that makes this weapon a delight to wield. In keeping with its quasi-oriental flare, the grip of the weapon features red latex that has been wrapped with black fabric in a Japanese fashion, which provides a secure hold and an intriguing look. The weapon is crafted from heavy foam latex that is designed to take regular use without shredding or tearing. It also features a fiberglass core that runs throughout the weapon, which ensures that the weapon holds its shape well, while still possessing a given level of flex that makes it safe to use in LARP battles. The broadsword has an overall length of approximately 42 inches. Given its technologically advanced look, this Phoenix Sabre would almost make a great battle arm for a Steampunk warrior, or any other futuristic soldier who seeks to conquer his foes with melee might. And conquer you will, as this sword is light, swift, durable, and responsive to a warriors technique and skill.

Key Features:

  • Made Using Quality Materials
  • Features a Foamlatex Outer Shell
  • Reinforced with a Fiberglass Core
  • Handles Extremely Well
  • Oriental Cloth Wrapped Handle Provides a Secure Hold
  • A Solid and Sturdy LARP Weapon
  • Great for Sparring, Practicing, Theatrics, or LARP Events
  • Approved by Many LARP Groups
  • Has an Extremely Detailed Look


  • Blade Length: 25 inches
  • Hilt Length: 12 inches
  • Overall Length: 42 inches
  • Guard Width: 5.5 inches

Please be aware that these are handmade items and that measurements can vary slightly from what is shown here.

1 review for Phoenix LARP Sabre

  1. Hisaka T.

    Aesthetics look amazing but, combat use is difficult. if you are going for the look of a character a good purchase but battle situations wise, its a tad but on the heavy side and the guard seems kind of out of place. But with practice can be a reliable ally if your worth putting in the time to adjust to a new style to use it and add to your arsenal

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