Petra Cream Overbust Corset



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The perfect touch of elegance for your formal ensemble, the Petra Cream Overbust Corset slims your waist to the ideal hourglass figure while offering a beautiful design covered in an overlay of cream-colored taffeta and lace. The long line corset has a subtle sweetheart neckline and fastens in the front with busk clips. The steel-boned corset laces in the back with a modesty panel. Ideal for Neo-Victorian outfits, this bridal corset provides refinement to period or modern fashions. Pair this formal corset with a ruffled skirt or gown to create a number of enchanting looks.

Key Features:

  • Made with steel bones
  • Features a taffeta and lace overlay
  • Closes with busk clips in the front
  • Laced in the back with a modesty panel
  • Stunning steampunk or bridal apparel


  • 20 Inch: Fits 22-23 Inch waist, 30 Inch bust, 33 Inch hips
  • 22 Inch: Fits 24-25 Inch waist, 32 Inch bust, 35 Inch hips
  • 24 Inch: Fits 26-27 Inch waist, 34 Inch bust, 37 Inch hips
  • 26 Inch: Fits 28-29 Inch waist, 36 Inch bust, 39 Inch hips
  • 28 Inch: Fits 30-31 Inch waist, 38 Inch bust, 41 Inch hips
  • 30 Inch: Fits 32-33 Inch waist, 40 Inch bust, 43 Inch hips
  • 32 Inch: Fits 34-35 Inch waist, 42 Inch bust, 45 Inch hips
  • 34 Inch: Fits 36-37 Inch waist, 44 Inch bust, 47 Inch hips
  • 36 Inch: Fits 38-39 Inch waist, 46 Inch bust, 49 Inch hips

Measurements are approximate.


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