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The nimble versatility of the sword meets the cleaving, percussive power of the axe in this formidable looking weapon. The Ornate Black Khopesh is based on a weapon design out of ancient Egypt, one that was favored by kings, guardians, and warriors all. The khopesh is a rather distinctive looking weapon. Very much a sword, it features a long, wide blade with a deep, forward set curve that puts the power of an axe behind every swing, making it the best of both worlds. This particular model possesses an ornately blackened blade forged from high carbon steel. It has an unsharpened edge, as well as a rigid, reinforced spine that is accented with brass plating. The upper bounds of the blades curve ends in a subtle hook, as well, adding more lethality and versatility to the blade. The hilt is made in wood and wrapped in leather, while also featuring rich brass furnishings and serpent designs on both the guard and the pommel. The design of this Ornate Black Khopesh makes it nothing if not exotic. Its rare form and shape make it a must-have collectible for the enthusiast, as well as a stellar costume weapon or carrying accent for those who want that authentic touch of Egyptian style in their ancient ensemble.

Historical Info:

The khopesh is old – very old. Its origins can be traced back to the 3rd Millennium BC. Sans guard, the sword was wielded with a shield, and its hooking shape was used to either disable or remove an opponents shield, or to disarm them completely. Khopesh swords were also popular as ceremonial swords and the weapons of royalty, as pharaohs have been depicted as using them, and some have even been found in royal graves.

Key Features:

  • Based on the Ancient Egyptian Battle Sword
  • Features a Hand Crafted Carbon Steel Blade
  • Blade Possesses an Unsharpened Edge
  • The Blackened Blade is Accented by Rich Brass Furnishings
  • Has a Leather-Wrapped Hilt with Brass Accents
  • A Stunning Collectible, Display Piece, and Carrying Weapon


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