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Surprisingly, many cultures from around the world valued long hair as a sign of a mans strength and a warriors prowess. No-where was this more true than in the Far East, and so this Oriental Warrior Wig features a definite Asian styling. This oriental-styled wig is made entirely from 100 percent synthetic black hair. It features a pulled-up style that draws all the hair up into a tie at the top of the head, where a tail extends up and then extends down the back of the head. Traditionally called a queue, this ponytail can be worn parted so that it flows over the shoulders or down the back (it is up to the warriors preference). Of course, not all Asian warriors favored this style, the topknot being another popular choice, although that does not take away from this Oriental Warrior Wig and its impressive styling. So if you are looking to create the look of a warrior from the mysterious Orient, this is definitely the wig to use.

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Key Features:

  • An Asian Styled Warrior Wig
  • Features Straight Hair Pulled Up Into A Single Ponytail
  • A Quick and Easy Way to Change Your Appearance
  • A Great Accent to Warrior Costumes of All Types and Styles
  • Great for Halloween, Reenactments, Stage, Theatre, and More


  • Made from Black Synthetic Hair


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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