Orcish Shrunken Head

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For an eerie touch to your head-hunter look, nothing compares to having a shrunken head or two dangling at your side! This Orcish Shrunken Head recreates the iconic look of this surreal little trophy while also echoing the features of the feral orc! This way, not only can you have a shrunken head to hang at your waist, but you can also have one based on the race you most specifically want. The head features stringy hair bound into a braid for easy carrying, while its features are stitched shut and secured via a bone piercing to give it a more realistic and tribal look. It also has orcish features and green skin that mark it as something that was once more than human. An added bonus is that this Orcish Shrunken Head also serves well as a prop for any voodoo witch doctor or dark ritualist to use while they are in character, too!

Key Features:

  • Based on the actual shrunken heads seen in history and media
  • Inspired by high fantasy tales of orcs
  • Features braided hair and bone piercings
  • Modeled after the appearance of an orcs head
  • A great voodoo prop, eerie decor piece, or costume trophy


  • Crafted from natural latex
  • Hair fashioned from synthetic materials
  • Inner mold is made from closed cell foam


  • Measurements do not include hair. They are of the head only.
  • Height: 5 Inches
  • Width: 4 Inches

2 reviews for Orcish Shrunken Head

  1. skulhedman (verified owner)

    Love all of these grisly trophy props! Since I have an orc costume, this piece could represent me old best chum who I decided to keep with me after he got done in by a sneaky elf. Or possibly a clan rival who I display to shows them other uppity young ‘uns not ta mess wit’ me. Or maybe it’s dat old boss who lost his head so I’s could be the new boss. Any way you use it, lots of fun and a great item. (FYI, these things have lots of long hair that you may want to cut shorter or wrap up to be more manageable.)

  2. fmw111 (verified owner)

    Awesome trophy to hang off your belt! Goes great with my pirate outfit! It looks just like the photos except the lanyards hanging from the lips each have one light bead instead of 2 dark and 1 light each as shown in the pics. Despite being made of a rubbery material it has a convincing look and feel. I’ve heard horror stories about replica shrunken heads made of rawhide having bug infestation issues, so I think this rubbery material is a better choice!

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