Olive Drab Drop Leg Pistol Holster

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Breach the door and throw a flash bang into the room while wearing the Olive Drab Drop Leg Pistol Holster. This durable item will become a treasured addition to your personal gear when you experience the benefits for yourself. This accessory was carefully crafted from polyester with hook and loop strapping that can adjust to accommodate most pistols. There are adjustable leg straps with quick release buckles so you can easily get in and out of this gear. There is a thumb snap clip pouch that can be adjusted to fit any pistol magazine. A belt loop section and then the two leg straps allow you to confidently and securely carry this rig during training or live action duty. Safely complete your mission while wearing the versatile Olive Drab Drop Leg Pistol Holster.

Key Features:

  • Made from olive drab polyester
  • Has an adjustable belt loop and leg straps
  • Features a thumb snap pouch for a spare magazine
  • Great for tactical use


  • One Size fits all


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