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One of the most charming aspects of the British countryside is the variety of beautiful English cottages found there. The Olde Vine Cottage serves as a wonderful example with its quaint loveliness and intricate details. This cozy home was skillfully crafted from solid materials to withstand centuries. Small yet comfortable, the illuminated porcelain building is packed with charm. Cottages are often crafted of local, easily obtainable materials, reflecting the surrounding area. Note the foundation of rather large field stones with a rich, warm color. The main structure is red brick, carefully laid with arches above the door and windows. These warm tones are balanced by the cool slate roof. The name of the cottage is inspired by the greenery that hugs the home. Lush vines showcase hardy pink flowers that can apparently withstand the snowy temperatures. Blue curtains adorn the windows, and a small bench welcomes neighbors to sit and visit. The steep pitch of the roof in back will easily shed snow as a small drain pipe collects runoff in a box below. A coal bin sits near the rear entrance with a sculpted shovel and tiny door to transfer the coal indoors. Careful examination will reveal tiny painted nail heads on the trim and a pair of elegant hinges on the large front door.

Introduction Date: January 2015

Collection: Dickens Village

Key Features:

  • Made with porcelain
  • Hand-painted with bright colors and detail
  • Illuminated building
  • Comes with a UL cord
  • A fantastic collectible for holiday villages


  • Height: 6 Inches
  • Width: 4.25 Inches
  • Length: 5.32 Inches


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