Old Western Powder Horn


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In the days of the early west, when the frontier was untamed and home to only the most rugged of survivors, an Old Western Powder Horn was likely a common enough sight, especially among those who favored the use of powerful black powder rifles. This powder horn looks like real horn, possibly because it is. The horn is crafted from real steer horn and fitted with a wooden cap on one end, and a removable stopper on the other end. Horn was preferred when storing powder because it was non-ferrous, which meant that there was no chance of accidentally causing a spark that might ignite the powder that was stored within. Also attached to this powder horn is a leather carrying strap, which makes hauling it around quite easy. Because it is crafted from real steer horn, though, you should be aware that the horn you get may differ in look and size slightly from what is pictured above. It measures approximately 10 inches long. With its realistic look and feel, this Old Western Powder Horn definitely looks like it belongs on the shoulder of a true mountain man, or attached to the saddle of a settler in the earliest days of the old west.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Actual Steer Horn
  • Has an Impressively Realistic Look and Feel
  • Features a Wooden Cap and a Removable Wooden Plug
  • Comes with a Tied Leather Shoulder Strap
  • A Perfect Historical Display Item or Costume Prop


  • Length: 10 Inches


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