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The Oda Nobunaga Helmet honors one of the fiercest unifiers of Japan. Head into battle with the helmet and ferocious spirit of this warrior. Made from 18-gauge mild steel, this handcrafted Japanese armour replicates the piece worn by Oda Nobunaga.

To begin with, this wearable helmet has a high-quality traditional design and a grey-green finish. It features a rounded head on top. Straight and leaf-like strips radiate down from a golden accent in the center of the top.

In front, there is a removable brass accent. It has curved sides that point upwards. In the center of the accent, it depicts the crest of Nobunaga. Meanwhile, the back of the rounded top has a ring with a green knotwork tassel.

Below the rounded top, there is a visor in front and a series of semi-circular plates in back. Colorful ties connect the plates together. The front sides of the plates have bent flaps that feature golden medallions. They match the crescent on the front of the helmet.

Below the front visor is a matching face mask. It has an open mouth with a horsehair mustache and visible teeth. There is a green velveteen chinstrap. Below the chinstrap is a series of additional plates to cover the neck. They feature the same colorful ties as the back of the head. On the inside, the samurai helmet has a leather liner.

Finally, this helmet comes with a wooden display stand. This helmet is great for cosplay events or adding to an armour collection. It makes a striking piece of Japanese décor.

Be sure to wear this helmet with an arming cap for enhanced comfort and safety.

Key Features:

  • Based on the helmet of the famous warrior
  • Features authentic styling
  • Includes a wearable helmet and display stand
  • Makes an attention-grabbing piece of décor
  • Made by Hanwei
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One Size22 inches7.5 lbs


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