Nobles LARP Arming Sword

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As a distinguished noble, your sword should be indicative of your superior prowess in battle. The Nobles LARP Arming Sword is a weapon that not only will look great in your hands and at your side, but also will last through duel after duel with ease. Crafted through an injection mold process, this LARP sword is reinforced with a rod of fiberglass to ensure a strong weapon. It is a latex-free LARP weapon. This sword features an ornately detailed hilt and guard. The guard is curved towards the blade tip, its surface gleaming with golden hues and designed with intricate knotwork. The hilt features glittering rings, and the pommel displays a lion, further proving your exceptional battle skills. The Nobles LARP Arming Sword is the ideal weapon to have at your side if your intentions include winning duels and looking good while doing it.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from composite foam materials
  • Made through an injection molding process
  • Reinforced with a fiberglass core
  • A solid and sturdy LARP weapon
  • Handles extremely well
  • Great for sparring, practicing, theatrics, or LARP events
  • Has an extremely detailed look


  • Overall Length: 33.5 Inches

1 review for Nobles LARP Arming Sword

  1. Stephen Ramus (verified owner)

    This is a great little sword. It’s well balanced, sturdily constructed and just fun to swing around, especially given the price. Great bang for the buck!

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