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Nevermore Skull Belt Buckle

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Fans of Poe and his particular poetic devices will recognize the word emblazoned on this skull immediately. The Nevermore Skull Belt Buckle could be a tribute to his works, so mired in the briefness of mortality as they were. This belt buckle is a traditional skull, crafted in pewter, with a few added elements that really set off its style. The skull itself looks time-weathered in form, possessing hollowed eyes and an open nasal cavity, while also lacking a bottom jaw. The most striking feature of the skull is the word carved into its crown. Written in flowing, elegant script is one word, NeverMore. Please be aware that this is a belt buckle only, and it is fully compatible with the Leather Belt Strap (AG-L1B), offered on this site. For those who want something a little more traditional and straight-forward, you could ask for nothing more appropriate or more gothic, then this Nevermore Skull Belt Buckle.

Key Features:

  • Made from fine English pewter
  • Inspired by gothic style and Edgar Allen Poe
  • Has a polished pewter finish
  • Depicts a skull engraved with the famous Nevermore
  • Compatible with our Leather Belt (AG-L1B)
  • Great for casual or costume wear


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