Netflix Witcher Steel Sword

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Enjoy the Witcher TV series? The Netflix Witcher Steel Sword is a wonderful piece for any fan of the Witcher series to have and enjoy. Made from stainless steel, this sword features a design inspired by the hit Netflix TV show. It has a double-edged blade. The blade has a fuller down its length. Engraved runes adorn the blade. Next, the sword continues with its distinctive crossguard. The arms of the silver-colored crossguard angle towards the blade. On one side, there is a gold-colored disk at the center of the crossguard. Half of the disk has a semi-circular cutout which is on the blade side of the crossguard. The other half features green and red accents. Additional green accents adorn the ring around the cutout.

On the other side, the crossguard features a smaller golden detail with black and green accents. The detail is wider towards the hilt and narrower towards the blade. Next, the hilt has a black grip that is straight for half its length. The grip gets narrower towards the pommel. The pommel has a conical, scent stopper-style shape. A wire spirals around the pommel. Finally, this sword comes with a matching scabbard. The black scabbard has a metal chape and throat. Ornate engraving adorns both pieces. Add this decorative sword to your medieval or Witcher collection. It makes a great decor piece to put on display for all to see. You can also add it to your costume.

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • Inspired by hit Netflix series
  • Ornate crossguard design
  • Comes with scabbard
  • Great for collecting or display
  • Wonderful costume accessory


  • Made from stainless steel


  • Overall Length: 47.5 Inches
  • Blade Length: 35.5 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

2 reviews for Netflix Witcher Steel Sword

  1. unicornzelda15 (verified owner)

    I ordered it four days ago and it arrived today. It’s in pretty good condition, but there were some smudges and scratches on the blade that aren’t visible in the pictures on this site. Apart from that, it looks exactly like the one in the show! It’s very heavy, though, so I’d recommend using it as a display weapon rather than a stage or cosplay prop.

  2. etpiersel (verified owner)

    Great sword with beautiful craftmanship and quality for it’s price and general mass-production. Be warned, it’s a BIG and HEAVY sword. Definitely something for display and not for costume use.

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