Necromancer Skull Mask


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Those who wield magic and use its mysteries to master death and control life are often called necromancers. Such a dark study has its consequences and costs, though. This Necromancer Skull Mask depicts the decay of one practitioner. Ravaged by the magics of life and death, this mask depicts a skeletal visage that is partially decayed, leaving only empty black eye sockets and some necrotic grey tissue that clings to the bone. Hanging off half the skull are strands of grey-black hair as well. The mask is made entirely from latex material, and it is designed to cover most of the head when worn. Sinister and nefarious in its look, this Necromancers Skull Mask is a perfect choice for when you want something eerie and dark, to make your costume all the more powerful in terms of the dark influence it will wield.

Key Features:

  • A frightening mask with a skull look
  • Creates the look of a skull partially decayed and withered
  • Topped with strands of wispy grey-black hair
  • Covers most of the head when worn
  • A great costume mask for Halloween, costume events, and more


  • Made from latex


  • One Size Fits Most


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