Mutant Zombies Warning Sign

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Before a zombie apocalypse, you would almost never see a sign like this Mutant Zombies Warning Sign. But after a zombie outbreak of catastrophic proportions, signs like this one will become all too common, especially once zombies are exposed to radiation. This sign features bright coloration that draws the eye, making it easy to pick out and easy to read. It possesses a vibrant, orange backing adorned with a thin yellow border, as well as dripping yellow designs and yellow splatters. Printed across the top in bold black letters is the word Danger, followed by a large black biohazard symbol. Following the biohazard symbol are the words, Contaminated Area! Beware of Mutant Zombies. If you are planning to unleash your own radioactive zombie outbreak, then the least you can do is also include this Mutant Zombies Warning Sign to inform others of the dangerous that might be roaming around your yard and property.

Key Features:

  • A Novel and Eerie Zombie Warning Sign
  • Extremely Detailed Appearance
  • Features Bright Coloration and Bold Lettering
  • Easy to Put Up and Display
  • Perfect for the Halloween Season
  • A Fantastic Decoration for Zombie Outbreaks and Gatherings


  • Crafted from High-Quality Plastic


  • Overall Height: 24.75 Inches


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