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Why not become an adventurer with style by wearing a striking headpiece? Complete your look with the Black Muharib Turban. It suits a wide variety of characters and personas. Made from cotton canvas, this black fantasy turban comes in two sizes.

Inspired by historical turbans, it has a tall, rounded shape. Folds in the fabric wrap around the turban and stay in place. The folds angle upwards towards the front. A golden lacy ribbon follows the folds on one side, running towards the center top.

On the sides, the turban has a loop of additional fabric that hangs down beneath the chin of the wearer. It has a small, cutout metal accent. The golden metal accent has a looped pattern. Towards the back, the turban has a panel of fabric to cover the back of the neck.

Overall, the turban has a flexible, washable, and highly durable construction, preventing unraveling. On the inside, it has a lined interior and a padded top. This desert turban is wonderful for reenactments, LARP events, and cosplay conventions.

History of Turbans

The turban is a type of wrapped headwear with a long history, going back to ancient civilizations. There are multiple styles. For example, a 4th century sculpture of a Byzantine woman features a type of turban called phakeolis. Religion is the most common reason for wearing turbans today. Different turban styles and colors can also be signs of a particular tribe or heritage.

Please note that this item is handmade. Therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Comes in two sizes
  • Durable, folded construction
  • Padded and lined design
  • Golden lace detailing
  • Great costume accessory


  • Made from cotton canvas
Head Circumference
Small/Medium22.4 inches
Large/X-Large24 inches


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