Mixed Metal Scrollwork Earrings


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Sometimes, it is that little element that really pulls together an ensemble. And in this case, that little element can be these Mixed Metal Scrollwork Earrings, which will bring a colorful and stunning metallic gleam to any attire you might wear. These earrings come as a matched set, with each one mimicking the overall appearance of the other. Individually, the earrings are oval-shaped and feature polished stainless steel backing, which adds a silver-metal gleam to the finish. Yellow brass metal edges the rim of the steel, while a quartet of brass and copper scrollwork swirls, all gently heart-shaped, occupy the center of each earring. Attached to the top is a small loop, along with a traditional ear hook for easy use and wearing. They are delightfully artisanal in their look, and the polished, metallic gleam certainly does not hurt either, allowing these Mixed Metal Scrollwork Earrings to really shine in the light whenever you wear them out.

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Key Features:

  • Hand Crafted from Quality Metals and Materials
  • Sold as a Pair of Matched Artisan Earrings
  • Stainless Steel Earrings are Decorated with Brass and Copper Scrollwork Swirls
  • Worn Via the Included Ear Hook Wires
  • A Stunning Little Personal Accent or a Great Gift Idea


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