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Mists Of Vespertide Flag

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The Mists of Vespertide Flag features Victorian beauty with a bit of gothic appeal. This lovely decoration displays the elegant image of the maiden in grand proportions, having an overall size of 29 inches by 42 inches. What this flag depicts is a beautiful girl, dressed in black. A red ribbon drapes from one hand to the other, while a raven perches on her left. Mists swirl mysteriously around her. The Mists of Vespertide is a full color poster flag that is made from lightweight polyester and can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes. This gothic flag can be hung as a poster in offices, bedrooms, or on any home wall. It can also be flown like a more traditional flag. This gothic flag makes for a great gift for that special person who is interested in medieval times, fantasy settings, and the Gothic themes.

Key Features:

  • Made from light weight polyester
  • A full color flag
  • Depicts a Gothic Victorian maiden
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors


  • Width: 29 Inches
  • Height: 42 Inches


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