Miniature Victorian Pocket Watch

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Love the look of an old pocket watch but not the size? Or perhaps you would rather wear it around your neck instead of your waist? Luck is with you, then, because this Miniature Victorian Pocket Watch allows you to do just that! This pocket watch is every inch the functional timepiece that might have been seen in the Victorian ages and beyond except it is half the size! This miniature pocket watch features a decoratively inspired lid that is as elegant as it is appealing to see, which makes this little watch a great necklace to wear when you are out and about. Plus, it has the added benefit for always keeping the time close to your person, so you will always know what hour of the day it is! The lid is one massive cut-out design that shows glimpses of the white watch face underneath, while the back of the watch features impressively embossed designs that are quite floral in their look, giving this watch a subtle feminine appeal. The watch stem features a twisting apparatus for adjusting the time, and it can be raised or depressed to stop and start the watch, to help conserve battery life. It also features a button that opens the lid and reveals the white watch face underneath. The pocket watch features crystal quartz movement and comes with batteries, although the watch can be started by movement in transit, meaning battery life can vary. It comes attached to a 26 inch neck chain. Simple and subtle, the Miniature Victorian Pocket Watch is an understated little accessory that is as useful as it as fashionable, one that can be worn with Victorian or Steampunk looks with ease, as well as with contemporary styles to bring back this timepiece from the bygone eras of history!

Key Features:

  • A Miniaturized Pocket Watch
  • Fully Functional Time Piece
  • Suspended on an Antique Necklace Chain
  • Features An Elegant Cut-out Lid
  • Great for Casual Wear or Costume Use
  • A Subtle, Understated Accessory
  • A Fantastic Time Piece


  • Chain Length: 26 Inches
  • Height: 1.5 Inches
  • Diameter: 1 Inch


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