Miniature Silver Genghis Khan Sword by Marto


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Genghis Khan was the founder and first ruler of the Mongol Empire, the single-largest contiguous empire in history here we offer a replica of the sword the Mongol ruler would have wielded, the Miniature Silver Genghis Khan Sword, by Marto. Despite his brutal reputation, Genghis Khans military achievements were among the greatest of his time, so much so that in Mongolia, he is regarded as the founding father of the nation to some extent. This miniature features a distinctive shape. The blade curves like a scimitar while the handle curves in the opposite direction. The guard is little more than a disc-like barrier, designed to keep blades from slipping past. The Miniature Silver Genghis Khan Sword by Marto serves as a collectors reminder to the greatness that one man could organize.

Key Features:

  • Silver Finished Hilt
  • A Great Miniature Historical Collectible


  • Overall Length: 6 Inches


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