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Miniature King Arthur Sword and Shield by Marto


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Representing King Arthur at his finest is, perhaps, the concept of the Knights of the Round Table, which embodies equality among the greatest warriors of the time. Representing the one true king at this table is our Miniature King Arthur Sword and Shield, by Marto. This sword and shield represents King Arthur. The sword is Excalibur, the fabled and mystical sword that Arthur wielded during battle, while the shield is primarily red while prominently displaying Arthurs personal coat-of-arms, three golden crowns. Featured alone or featured as a set, with the other knights of the round table, the Miniature King Arthur Sword and Shield by Marto is an appealing little set designed to evoke images of Arthur and his fabled knights.

Key Features:

  • Entire Collection Pictured Above
  • Display Mat Not Included


  • Overall Height: 6 Inches


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