Miniature Gold Odin Sword by Marto

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Odin is the chief-god of the Norse mythology. Known under many names and for many deeds, Odin is what all warriors aspire to be. Depicted here is not his fabled spear, Gungnir, but rather a sword bearing his name, the Miniature Gold Odin Sword. This miniature features an extremely distinctive hilt the pommel prominently displays a skull wearing an elaborate crown, while a serpent snakes out of the skulls eye sockets and secures the crown to the skulls head. A second serpent twines down the grip, while the guard consists of three pairs of quillions. Two simply extend out, straight bars stacked over one another, while the third pair is wickedly curved horn-like structures that arc upwards, towards the pommel. Elaborate and conveying the sense of power, the Miniature Gold Odin Sword is still only a miniature, yet it looks fit for even Odins hands.

Key Features:

  • Gold Finished Hilt
  • A Great Miniature for Enthusiasts to Own and Display


  • Overall Length: 6 Inches

1 review for Miniature Gold Odin Sword by Marto

  1. Jean L.

    The product is great! I love giving the sword letter openers as gifts to my most deserving students.

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