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In the Roman Legion, one soldier stood above the rest, the Centurion. This soldier was chosen to lead others, due to his proficiency and expert-abilities as a warrior. Now, any man can emulate this strength in his Mens Roman Centurion Costume. This excellent costume features a long, red tunic that should reach approximate knee-length, as well as a chest piece of brown, molded armor that mimics the construction of a Roman legionarys muscled breastplate. Also included is a rather cool looking headpiece that serves as this modern Centurions helmet. This costume does not include any bracers or arm pieces, shoes or leg pieces, or any toy swords, although effective replacements for each of these pieces can be located and acquired separately to make this costume truly legendary. This costume is an awesome Halloween costume. Not only will you be dressed up one of the legendary legionaries, but you will also spark conversations and catch eyes with your cool Roman style. For festivals and fairs, this costume serves perfectly and does even better as a Centurion costume for stage and theater productions.

Key Features:

  • Quality Halloween costume
  • Includes Tunic with Molded Armor and Headpiece
  • Arm Pieces, Leg Pieces, and Toy Sword Not Included
  • Great for costume parties and Halloween
  • Fun and Easy Costume for Roman Festivals and Fairs (With Loose Rules on Accuracy)
  • Great Theater Costume for Roman Centurions or Legionaries


  • Tunic made from polyester
  • Helmet and armor made from molded rubber


  • Standard: Jacket Size 44, Waist 34 to 36 Inches, Inseam 33 Inches


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