Men’s Black Stovepipe Hat with Bullets

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This is a hat fit for a neo-Victorian viscount, especially one with a taste for adventure and gunplay! The Mens Black Stovepipe Hat with Bullets offers a classic top hat with a twist, that being fine steampunk accents that is quite the eye-catcher. The base hat is a black topper with a slightly curled brim. Wrapped around the hat as a hatband is a belt fitted with silver steampunk bullets, and tucked under the belt are further unique touches, like clockwork gears and metallic bands, as well as a long feather for a distinctive swish of style. Very much a showpiece, this Mens Black Stovepipe Hat with Bullets offers a daring twist to the typical gentlemans look, making it perfect for a bold yet dapper look that will have the ladies swooning.

Because the hat is hand-made, some features, such as decorations and their placement, may vary from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Entirely hand-made
  • Decorated with real clock parts
  • Also adorned with a long feather and a bullet belt hatband
  • Has an intricate steampunk design
  • Made from a traditional black top hat


  • Fits a 25 Inch diameter


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